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Thermal Printing for 2014 and Beyond
A comprehensive industry assessment & 5-year projection

Industry and Technology perspectives: An all-new market intelligence report
After countless predictions of its demise due to ink jet and electrophotograpy, thermal printing is larger and more deeply entrenched in its core applications than ever! With more than $21 billion in manufacturer revenues and over $34 billion in end-user revenues from media, printers and related services, the thermal printing industry continues to provide opportunities in a vast array of market sectors and end-user applications.

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Based on SIA market research into the entire spectrum of thermal printing applications, this report provides current and projected volume/revenue numbers for all major media and printer types, analyzed by application and by region. It profiles the value-add at the various levels of the supply chain, and surveys the competitive landscape for printers and supplies in the three principal media classes o Labels and Tags o POS (Point of Sale) Receipts, Coupons, Reports, Vouchers and Tickets o Graphics, Images and Photos.

What does the future hold for variable information printing (VIP)?
The thermal printing industry is experiencing more volatility than ever, due to advances in competing print technologies, and also to the revolution in handheld computing (think email receipts and virtual ticketing via Smartphone). This is why the report pays special attention to markets subject to significant change, such as Point-of-Sale (POS), and to opportunities in high-growth vertical markets for labeling such as healthcare, retail and commercial services.

The good news is that thermal printing continues to experience steady growth in most POS applications, and in all aspects of label and tag printing. It also enjoys continued growth in an ever-expanding array of mobile workforce apps driven by handheld computing - and most recently by cloud-based computing.

Thermal printing is a massive, diversified industry with more than $34 billion in revenues at the end-user level.

The report contains:

  • An overview of the entire industry.

  • Volume and revenue figures for each of the thermal printing technologies: Direct Thermal (DT), Thermal Transfer (TT) and Dye Sublimation (D2T2).

  • Analysis of each technology by marketing channel, and by level in the supply chain: Coater level, Laminator level (labels), Converter level, End-user level.

  • Analysis of worldwide totals for each technology by region: North America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Latin America.

  • Analysis of the markets for each thermal printing technology: - Retail ! Healthcare - Manufacturing & Logistics - Travel, Leisure & Hospitality - Professional Services

  • Details of specialty applications, including wristbands, produce labeling, harsh environment labels.

  • Key considerations in printer design for specific applications.

  • Global industry threats, trends and opportunities.

  • A primer on thermal printing technologies.
  • Reliable, in-depth data...
    "Thermal Printing in 2014 and Beyond" contains a wealth of current information and analysis from industry insiders, supported by more than 50 illustrations and 100 tables.
    Special highlights:
  • Transaction printing applications.

  • Strategic value of the industry supply chain.

  • Increases in direct thermal coating capacity that significantly outpace expected CAGR.

  • TTR ribbon formulations proliferate to meet new application needs.

  • Dye sublimation photos face increased competition from parallel array ink jet.

  • POS application usage is more diversified than ever, despite threats from handheld devices.

  • Labeling delivers steady growth and high added value for application-specific solutions.

  • The importance of in-store and web-based retail trends and product compliance initiatives.
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    The author...

    Harry Schofield was President, CEO and founder of Atlantek Incorporated. The company was sold to Zebra Technologies in November of 2003, at which time Atlantek was the leading supplier of printers and specialty plastic card products for driver licenses. Other Atlantek thermal printing developments included pro-quality digital photo printers for Eastman Kodak and wide- format thermal plotters for the oil and gas industry, and for newspaper proofing. Atlantek is also well known for its ASTM-approved Thermal Sensitometry Testers, now standard throughout the thermal paper industry. 401-575-3598 Email:

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